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be a reason why the prosecution is looking at this. saying it is good for us, too. >> in that sense they will dissect it. there is an anticipation that mr. zimmerman will testify in his case. any juror who saw this and if he goes to trial and not testify, why didn't he testify under oath? he was not under oath. it is it high stakes and in terms of getting his message across they were affective. steve stove his parents will join gretch with their reaction. jeb bush was at a couple of locations in ohio akron and hamilton, ohio. we hear so much about big government. that's one of the problems today with america. he said mitt romney is the man to fix things. >> policies of higher taxes and government and involvement in the regulatory environment of the economy and deficits where leadership is required to fix them and the president is missing in action created a morass and a dark cloud over our country that can be lifted by restoring american great theness and thos what i believe mitt romney will do on day one. >> gretchin: there is it a lot of discussion based on the president's comment
, the way the economy grows is when people who have made money take that money and use it to start a new business or grow an existing business. but he doesn't want to hear that 'cause ideal lodgely that's not what he believes. so he ignores the recommendations and moves on. i think that's what we're seeing happening. >> gretchen: you would think with the jobs council, people who were appointed by the president, you even think their advice might be counter to what he believes and that's why he hasn't had a meeting? >> oh, absolutely. we know that for a fact. if you look at some of the recommendations made and some of the public statements from some of those member, it's very clear that many of them clearly understand that the biggest impediments to growth in america today, nardoo all the uncertainty about our tax code, et cetera, is run away regulations, complicated tax code and we're making it harder and discouraging people from investing money in america's future. and i can tell you that the president doesn't want to hear that. i think that's why they ignore it and move on with their ca
>> we are going to have a great week. thanks for setting us straight this morning and off to a great start. thank you. fox and friends starts right now! we will see you tomorrow. >> happy monday morning, everyone. hope you had a fantastic weekend. it's july 30th already. i'm gretchen carlson, thanks for sharing your time. looks like the colorado shooting, the past about the psychiatrist that was treating him. >> great. >> but when the white house was asked the question, this is how they responded. >> our position has not changed. you know our position. >> no, no. she doesn't know. that's why she asked. >> she does know. >> i don't. >> she does not know. she just said she doesn't know. i don't know. >> who knows? >> he never answered. so what is the president's position? we will talk about that. >> known new. >> and bubba is back, scoring a big position work for president obama. a major gig, a big slot. fox and friends starts just about now! >> live from studio e. welcome aboard. and gretchen, welcome back. >> thanks a lot. i was up in northern minnesota and central man. be
it takes care of it all. neck ache, shoulder pain and definitely lower back pain. i use advil® because my wife, she's a nurse, she recommended it. [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil®. and if pain keeps you up, sleep better with advil® pm. that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8. >> after mitt romney hosts a fundraising dinner in israel, today he's going to head to poland. something our next guest says is a smart move. vice president of the public policy at east-west institute and author of "hitler land" andrew joins us live. andrew nagorkski. >> you say this is a smart move on the part of the romney camp. why? >> because poland has been a traditional friend of the united states. poles look to the united states as this in inspirational place not only economically but as a symbol of freedom. they loved reagan's evil empire talk when the west of eastern europe was wincing. they said this is a story. they love the support for solidarity. and then afterwards, after the collapse of communism largely triggered
with that particular statement. >> eric: president obama said in a few days he would change america. he warned us in 2008 and he talked about class warfare and demonizing the rich and business owners. this line that we played. you have a business and you didn't build that somebody else made it. the man is a statist. a lot of trouble when you call him a social. his policies are social. government runs the government and businesses are just lucky to be on board. >> steve: what he said behind every successful business is a great big government. it is another way to say we need to raise taxes. he wants more taxes from the small business people. the ceo of the chamber of commerce said we should applaud the risk takers and dreamers who are willing to stand out from the crowd rather than denigrate what these people have done. we need to encourage people to start a business it is all part of the american dream. do they get a tarp bailout, absolutely not. >> gretchin: what you do would never have been possible without the government. if you rup a business do you agree with that? what you do would not have
of the players planning to press charges. time to get scrambled up. clayton morris is here to help us out. hey, clayton! >> good morning. >> can you guess it? >> long one. >> groundhog. ground woodchuck. >> see the g? >> it has to do with the show. >> outsourcing. thank you, doocy. >> good job. >> have a good show. "fox & friends" starts now. bye! >> that it does. good morning, everyone. today is wednesday, july 11, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thank you for sharing part of your day with us. an unsolved murder takes an incredible turn today. d.n.a. from the scene taken eight years ago finally hits a match leading police straight to the occupy wall street protesters? amazing case. >> it is indeed. meanwhile, president obama's outsourcing attack backfire? mitt romney turns the tables on the president's job creation record. why does the president want to keep talking about that? interesting insight from inside the beltway, clayton morris. >> thank you, steve. before you vote, advice from debbie wasserman schultz. >> americans need to ask themselves why does an american businessman need a swi
. i'm gretchen carlson. thank you for sharing part of your day with us today. the president joins the community in mourning to remember 12 lives cut short in the movie massacre. but in the sadness, more stories of heroism. >> she needed to run. stephanie refused to go, instead actually with her other hand called 911 on her cell phone. >> this while several victims continue to fight for their lives. we're live on the scene with the latest information for you. >> in a few hours, the movie massacre suspect due to make his first appearance in court. he might not show up. this as we're finding out about his twisted plan to escape. brian? >> plus, police revealing more about his hollywood-style plot to cause mass mayhem and exactly what was inside his apartment. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning, everyone. thanks for sharing part of your day with us today. you're looking at pictures from a vigil held last night to remember them with song and prayer and with memories. >> thousands showed up at the aurora municipal center even though many of them didn't have a personal
to let us know his whole apartment was booby trapped and if anyone opened that door, there would have been more carnage. >> it's interesting that he did that. the ultimate plan -->> i can't figure that out. >> i think his ultimate plan was to get away and when he was, then, caught in the movie theater parking lot, i'm not sure why he decided it was a good thing and decided to tell the police officers. otherwise, more lives would have been lost at his apartment complex. back to the court hearing for a minute, the bond will be set. obviously he's probably not going to get out on bond with the crimes that he's facing. it's not expected to last long at all and, of course, the prosecution has 72 hours to file formal charges. and they undoubtedly will release some of that evidence in the court hearing today but probably have enough evidence to be able to hold him. >> while we learn more about what will happen during the suspect's court appearance today, family, friends and loved ones came together to remember the 12 lives cut short on friday. and there are still victims fighting for their
if there are needs for surgions. >> gretchen: it is hard it for us to know the chaos. we showed cell phone video that really demonstrated that chaos. have you brought in people to try to ease some of the nerves, too? i imagine there might be medical issues as well. >> we have brought in our team to be on stand by for the family members. and we are not currently expecting more patients. most patients were sent to the aurora medical center or university of colorado. we are always on standby to be able to handle family and any calls that came n. we had calls from parents looking for their children who might have been in the movie theater tonight. >> steve: can you give us an example of the extent of the injuries. people are just waking up. terrible shooting in the movie thethary and 14 people killed and at least 50 people injured . we hear some were shot at point blank including the baby. the nature of the injuries at swedish has been what? >> we cannot speak on behalf of the other hospitals and what they are seeing. here at swedish with our two patients in crit beingal condition the extent of the
and connections to find out why we are talking a felony. >> it is interesting that stephanie carter used the fell me word. no indication that romney has done is illegal. he was a founder of the and president and ceo. you don't have to be active in the board room to be a president and founder of a company. >> gretchen: would there have already been a crim thal investigation . in politics you can say whatever you want and up to the other team to come up with a way to defend. >> that may be crossing the line. boy, saying a felony and breaking the law. i haven't heard that. >> steve: and ed rindel this attack may be hurting the president's brand when supporters did the felony thing . the big quempt mitt romney went on the networks and is this really the level we want the debate to be. he was asked whether the president's side should apologize. he said yes. and the president apologize. he said no in an interview. he said no, we will not apologize . mr. romney said he is mix fix had it it is business experience. they will not apologize. >> gretchen: the obama team has had a long time to find out how to
a smoke bomb. he is now in police custody. >> steve: thank you for waking up with us. the brand new movie was the dark knight rises. the new episode in the batman sag a. so many people there in aurora, colorado wanted to see the movie and shortly after the sneak repreviews, according to kusa, one of the affiliates in denver, someone kicked down the emergency door and threw in a smoke bomb or tear gas and when people started running, he started shooting. >> peter: it was an exciting movie . free concessions and a lot of promotions. in the past there have been police officers stationed in the movie theater to provide safety in the aurora town center . we don't know the identity of the shooter at this time. there were reports of a second shooter thamp is now true it appears according to the chief of police. they are looking at the issue of whether there is explosives in the automobile and/or the shooter's home and apparently a search warrant is executed to search that home to determine whether any explosives are there at this point. >> steve: that's right. there was a witness there said he w
to get crambled aaron bowan here to help us out. >> steve and i looked at on the last block. watermelon. >> guys, have a great day, fox and friends starts right new. >> gretchen: it is monday and hope you had a great weekend. i am gretchin carlson shanks for sharing our day . team obama calls mitt romney a felon. >> yes. >> mitt romney through his own word and signature was misrepresenting his position at bain to the fcc which is a felony. >> gretchen: the president said he will not apologize for that even though the facts are wrong . so much for civility. >> steve: and are you better off today than you were four years ago. the president doesn't think so. >> if someone asked you, it is still about change. washington is still broken as it is four years ago. >> steve: presidential faux paor you decide. >> b > gretchen: good morning. aaron is in for brian kilmeade. you have a tie on. >> huge show . >> steve: great to have you here. last time we saw, wot side stayi
in the notebook mailed to his psychiatrist can be used as evidence or kept confidential. >>> a shock new congressional report revealing one in five illegal immigrants arrested for crimes commit within three years of being released. department of homeland security stats, based on nearly 8500 drunk driving offenses and more than 6,000 drug arrests. there were also arrests for murder and kidnapping. house judiciary chair is outraged by this. he said the obama administration could be prevented these crimes by enforcing our immigration laws but he refuses to while innocent americans suffer the consequences. no right from homeland security. those are your headlines this morning. >> did you get a phone call recently from the gallop people, they probably called during speaker, asking what is the number one issue that the next president of the united states must address? and this comes as bad news for p.m. and probably good -- for president obama and probably good news for mitt romney. the number one was not about taxing the rich, which is the current number one thing the president is pushing, it
. the president is demonstrating he is out of touch with u.s. economic reality and so the point becomes is the president talking about presidential leadership. communication is the essence of presidential leadership. presidential scholars suggest, he said i haven't been the leader i am supposed to be. and he had not inspired the american people am some people argue that he handed over the reign of policy making to nancy pelosi. >> it argued. >> the president said i didn't do a good job selling the policy. you have to stimulus wildly unpopular. how many speeches did he give on that? 48. car bailout unpopular and people on the left say he bungled that message and the health care as well. maybe it it is not the way hey selling it but the policiless he is pushing. >> when we look back in great presidents in history. ronald reagan and john kennedy, i haven't been able to exercise the leadership or inspirational skills. i didn't get my message across. >> maybe he going his campaign rhetoric was hope and change and he still needs to answer the question of where has the hope and change been and
.o.p. is making him a proxy to attack president obama in an election year. the u.s. military grounding all c-130 planes fighting wildfires after one crashed in south dakota killing one crew member. all seven of the planes will now be inspected. some could be back in the sky within the next couple of days. this is the second crash of a plane fighting wildfires this year. a lockheed martin tanker crashed in utah last month leaving both crew members on board dead. mitt romney is vowing to "do the exact opposite" of president obama when it comes to israel. he announced he will visit israel later this month and meet with the prime minister benjamin netanyahu. romney has visited israel three times before. president obama has not been there since his 2008 campaign. a sore spot among some israeli forces. a shocking scene caught on camera in north carolina. a woman riding on a ferry in the palmilco sound catching this amazing lightning strike on her cell phone. she was recording the choppy waves when it all happened. those are the headlines. >> we're excited. governor christie will be here in an hour. la
but a group of 51 u.s. senators from both sides of the aisle are threatening to oppose the treaty. they say the treaty bans gun control and falls short of protecting americans' constitutional rights to bear arms. so what happened to james holmes during the time he study neuroscience? that's one of the mysteries stemming from the mass shooting in colorado and it will remain a missry because the judge is banning the university of colorado, denver from releasing any records about holmes' time there. the judge says releasing them would impede the investigation. the shooter entered the prestigious program in june of 2011. he dropped out one year later. alleged shooter, i should say. we're hours away from the opening ceremony of the 2012 olympics. these are live pictures from olympic park in london. it's a typically gray day there. just moments ago, first lady michelle obama hosted a breakfast in team u.s.a.'s honor and offered some praise. >> being here is other worldly for me, you know? i am still so inspired by all of you and i'm still in awe at everything you have achieved. >> she's camoufl
. >> would you stop the man aisle in a grocery store? would you use a man aisle steve at the grocery store? >> the man aisle? >> yeah, i send brian on it. brian, we need some bread. >> thank you very much. i actually use your kids to go out. that's a good idea. >> have a great weekend. >> have a great show guys. >> ok. >> and "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning everyone. today is friday july 27th. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen. brand new numbers this morning showing mitt romney as voters' top pick to fix the economy but president obama is winning the popularity contest. which one matters most? >> meanwhile, is the so-called dream act just a dream for criminals? the president's plan reportedly being exploited to protect law-breaking illegal aliens seen there in the desert. brian? >> it may be our friday summer concert series. let's talk meatless monday. it's getting the boot. peta is doubling down taking bets on what one of the senators who by the way, refused to go vegetarian will die. >> what? >> will die. >> when he's going to die. >> not diet. di
for sharing your time with us today. a major setback in the war on terror with usama bin laden's advisor just released from prison for promising he wouldn't attack again. huh? >> no kidding. the president says raising taxes on wealthy will stimulate the economy but the numbers simply don't add up and there's more he's not telling you about this tax hike. we will tell you. come in, brian kilmeade out in kansas city. >> all right. i'll do that for you, steve. and mr. president chris christie has a message for you. keep your stimulus. >> please, don't send me anymore money to hire more public employees. please don't. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> yep, tonight is the all star game and brian kilmeade is at the site of it today. kaufman stadium in kansas city, missouri. hello, it's a very sad thing. i don't have time to stieb truman's house. everything is truman flew here, truman walked here. harry truman dominates this state. how did you know that? >> because the buck stops there! >> i understand. >> i thought you were going to say home runs dominated because wasn't it the home run
a little nasty. >> f.b.i. offering a million dollar reward to track down four suspects in the killing of u.s. border agent brian terry. kelly wright is live for us in washington, d.c. with the bureau report. good morning to you, sir. good morning to you as well. the justice department is charging five people in connection with border patrol agent brian terry's death and i should mention, it's also offering a reward up to a million dollars for information leading to the arrest of four other suspects that remain at large. weapons from the botched fast & furious program were found at the murder scene of border patrol agent brian terry. in a statement, attorney general eric holder said the justice department is committed to finding and arresting the people responsible for terry's death calling it a horrific tragedy, holder added "agent terry served his country honorably and made the ultimate sacrifice in trying to protect it from harm and we will stop at nothing to bring those responsible for his murder to justice." republican congressman darrell issa, chairman of the house oversight committee q
for sharing part of your day with us. how does america feel about the supreme court's health care ruling? we're still talking about it. an overwhelming number of voters don't know about it. their hands are in the sand. >> and he was ready for a fight over a controversial mosque in tennessee but when he found out about radical islam changed his mind completely. the filmmaker back here with his stunning information. brian? >> all right, look, honey, what have you? yep, the lightning explosion on the sea. and our cameras were there. and you're here because "fox & friends" starts right about now. >> good morning, everyone. hope you're going to have a great day before the holiday tomorrow. eric bolling is in again filling in for steve. >> great to be here. >> the fourth of july right on the cusp where america takes time out to explode things and salute this great nation and hopefully we don't lose any fingers or anything. >> you know what else, too? maybe they should take a year off with all the wildfires going on in colorado and it's pretty tindery there, maybe just this year, maybe don't do
in the entire "fox & friends" studios and i hide it in a cabinet so no one else can use it. only clean one. you wash it myself. >> that's good because we ran it through the dishwasher when this plagues was built in the 1990's. >> i think it's made from asbestos. and it needs to be fumigated. >> ok. do that while i read the headlines, fumigate. fox news alert, looking live at the scene of a massive fireball caused by a freight train derailment. this is columbus, ohio. so far, at least two people have been hurt. the train was carrying some type of agriculture product when it derailed causing this fiery blast. people living within one mile of the explosion have been evacuated now. in a few hours, the house will vote on a full repeal of obamacare, president obama's controversial health care law. lawmakers from both sides trying to make their cases. >> health care is a right! and it is not a privilege. not just for some people but for all people, we cannot and we will not go back! >> i think it's important for the electorate to know where their member of congress stands and some people have tried
. is wussifiction really a word or is it a slang? >> a person from tennessee uses that in his act quite a bit. >> it's our producer gavin's favorite term. he loves it. >> i guess it's the webster hadden dictionary for a while. if we can get the mob off the trail, we could finally see his face. >> indeed. ali is in for gretch on vacation today. >> thank you. pleasure to be with you. let's get to your headlines right now. we have brand new video to share with you. mitt romney in london this morning looking casual there. he just wrapped up his first meeting with former president obama tony blair. he'll meet with current prime minister david cameron in three hours and romney meeting with some of england's top financial and foreign policy leaders. tomorrow, he'll head to the olympic games and later in the week, he'll meet with leaders in israel and poland. charged with murdering 13 people at fort hood being told to shave his beard or someone will shave it for him. the major said it's an expression of muslim faith and adds he does not care if it violates army regulations. he must get rid of it bef
i went with my friends, ed and joanie, took us to the fireworks on the pier on the hudson river, it was fantastic and great time. >> voluntarily decided to go. >> i was there with my dear wife and the kids and i was out, you know, out and about. >> yeah. >> i think everybody -- >> trying to keep your schedule. >> brian doesn't sleep. trying to keep your schedule. >> i was amazed how many -- there seemed to be so many fireworks this year which is ok but the dogs freaked out so today, the dogs are going to need -- >> and birds, too, around the country. the feds told you stop doing fireworks in a couple of cities around the country. >> really? >> they shut them down. >> a city here -- town here in new york state and then another town. we talked about that yesterday. absolutely. >> that was a strange story. >> strange. >> we'll tell you all about it during the commercial break. hoboken looking right over to those fireworks on the hudson river, it was really cool. headlines now. day six of darkness for at least one million people on the east coast. a lot of them -- most of them are
gretchen carlson is here to help us out. she's always so good at this. >> that's a set-up, heather and heather. it's a holiday! so my brain is on holiday. here we go! >> fireworks! >> two in a row. >> bombs away. >> happy fourth to you, gretchen. >> heather, likewise. hope you have some fun today. >> see you back here tomorrow. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> happy fourth of july, everyone! good morning, it is wednesday, july 4, 2012, i'm gretchen carlson and you know what we can say today? happy birthday, america. let's celebrate. his vote made all the difference. chief justice john roberts upholding obamacare so why are we hearing reports he also wrote most of the dissent? he was busy. >> and this independence day, are dependents on government at an all time high? we're an entitlement nation, i'm afraid and some states getting rewarded for making sure we stay that way. >> sorry, folks. no fourth of july fireworks for one american town. they might upset the birds nesting. might be sleeping. we're not kidding. it will scare them and wake them up. "fox & friends" starts rig
's rockefeller center diagonally behind us. meanwhile, there's more news when it comes to the mystery behind why james holmes, the suspected shooter took the action he did. >> there are disturbing new details emerging that holmes may have tried warning someone about the midnight movie massacre in colorado. fox news learning exclusively that holmes sent a notebook to a psychiatrist that was full of details about how he was going to kill people. >> alicia acuna live in aurora with the very latest. good morning to you. >> hi. good morning, guys. has this exclusive report in which it details more about this notebook that a law enforcement source, two law enforcement sources, rather, say that james holmes sent to a psychiatrist before the shooting. one of the law enforcement sources tells that that notebook sat in a mail room since july 12th, remaining undelivered. a claim that the university denied in a press release yesterday. according to the report, the notebook details how holmes was going to kill people. >> right now, we know that james holmes committed this atrocity. i
us out. >> good morning. >> hi. ok. ok. >> lug nuts? i don't know! >> mustang! >> there we go. >> there we go. >> good job. >> juliet, thanks for your help with that one. >> you would look in that mustang. >> i would love it! >> thanks for joining us. thanks, heather. see you back here tomorrow. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye! >> thank you very much, ladies. good morning, today is thursday, july 5th. i'm juliet huddy in for gretchen. mitt romney is emerging from vacation and setting the record straight on health care. >> they concluded it was a tax and that's what it is and the american people know that president obama has broken the pledge he made. >> will this become the top issue of the 2012 campaign? peter? >> thank you. looking for a good deal on a home loan, it helps if you're a member of congress. the shocking report out overnight about a loans for votes investigation. you'll hear about it. >> this lifeguard rescued a drowning swimmer and was fired because of it. why? he stepped out of his zone! we'll talk to him live and find out really what is he goi
>> that's the u.s. army guard fife and drum corps performing "yankee doodle dandy." it's one thing to be able to toot this holiday. they're able to toot those horns in wonderful fashion. >> yeah, no kidding. >> as a little kid, i had one of those hats and used to wear it all the time. i couldn't play something like this. that was fantastic. >> i feel like i'm time traveling, traveling back. >> with that tiffany's store over his shoulder. >> wonderful. mix of old and new today as we celebrate the fourth of july and america's birthday. thank you so much for tuning into "fox & friends" this morning. i'm flanked by clayton and peter johnson jr. today. good morning. >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> and we'd like to thank people today, right? >> we have some beautiful flowers on the set here at 1-800 flowers does a great job of setting up our set this morning and providing some color this morning. thank you so them. also this morning, we've got a veteran outside, a world war ii veteran who will pull a car with his teeth. >> can't wait to see that. >> do i need to say anythi
much for sharing part of your day with us. witnesses say it was like the sun exploding. >> stunning new video of ohio's train disaster. >> oh, my goodness. then the naacp invited him and then booed him. >> so to do that, i'm going to eliminate every nonessential expensive program i can find and that includes obamacare and i'm going to work to reform and save -- >> all the channels told you about the booing but there's more to this story you won't see anywhere else but here. >> this boy lost an arm but could have lost his life fighting a vicious florida gator. this morning, we'll show you how to survive a gator attack. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> it's one thing to have suntan lotion or bug spray but to be worried about gators, too. >> there's no spray or lotion to protect that. >> i will look forward to hearing how you fight that off in case you're planning down a trip to florida or the everglades or anywhere like that. >> well, this particular guy whose life was saved by his quick thinking credits a tv show "swamp people" and in fact, we've got somebody from "swamp peo
building an opportunity that made us the envy of the world and so i don't believe that we should try once again something that didn't work. but we need to keep pursuing a strategy that said let's make the investments in the american people that will help us grow but also create ladders of opportunity for everybody. >> steve: we are all in this together was it is tune. and don't dwell on the gloomy numbers that are out there. better times and brighter days are around the corner. stick with me. >> gretchen: if i was a obama surrogate like corey booker and others i wouldn't want to go on to say we agree. we had the mayor of tampa who happened to get the question and he didn't agree with it. so if you have a mayor in the town in florida who doesn't agree with it. you have to wonder about the bigger name democrats and what they are thinking about that kind of comment. >> eric: it seems like every time president obama goes off prompter, it is doing, whether it is economy is doing fine. and they say no, we have a lot of work to do. this time he said business, government is to thank for the succe
. >> but should he have? let us know this morning. do you think that mitt romney made the right call by accepting the invitation and by the way, he said he will continue to accept the invitation if he is elected president and next year and the year after and the year after and did president obama make the wrong move in just -- in not going because does that look like he just expects all african-americans to vote for him? >> what is more incredible is that governor romney spoke in a forthright way that we haven't heard the president speaking about the empathy to the african-american community talking about an unemployment rate of 14.4% and an unemployment rate of 50% in use in the african-american community. talking about the importance of education and pointing out that 42% of the african-american population are in the worst performing schools in the united states. so instead of being hailed as a person who is understanding and empathetic and wants to do something about the issues affecting the segment of our population, unfortunately, he was booed. what if he hadn't attended? >> exactly. had h
't need a special council. we're going to have a couple of u.s. attorneys, one from d.c. and one from maryland, they're going to investigate which some say is political. clearly they work for the attorney general that works for the president. anyway, we'll play you -- we'll give you both the quotation. here first is senator feinstein on monday essentially taking aim at the white house for spilling the political beans, the secret beans. >> i think the white house has to understand that some of this is coming from its ranks. i don't know specifically where. but they're, i think, they have to begin to understand that and do something about it. >> and then up next, she again another statement just yesterday and we have this one for you, too. i stated that i did not believe the president leaked classified information. i shouldn't have speculated beyond that because of the fact of the matter is i don't know the source of the leaks. but, you know, this really brings up the issue of transparency as well which is something that the obama administration has promised from day one and if you'll
was worth, e-mail us or twitter? you want to do twitter? it's pretty short. >> is there a dollar figure? >> either the moses or moses malone, one of those two. tell us how much they're actually worth. >> moses malone is easy to find. >> pretty much. you can make it up. let's not make up anything about our headlines. we have extreme weather to tell you about. overnight, a wild storm possibly a tornado whipped through fredricksburg, virginia. these seven young children hurt during cheerleading practice and it smashed into an elderly couple's home. >> that lady said there's people in here so we ran directly to the house. jumped the gate and went around and had to kick the door in. >> fortunately, they all made it out alive without any serious injuries. you may be one of thousands of americans to get out of bed and find yourself out of luck off line. the f.b.i. turning off servers that were keeping malware infected computers on line. they had a court order that let the computers running. it started because of an advertising scam by internet hackers and affected over 570,000 computers. majo
investigators have already removed countless pieces of evidence to be used in the case against james holmes and the apartment building where he lives remains evacuated and surrounding with police barricades although some folks have been allowed to briefly return to gather some personal belongings. of course, we all got our first look at 24-year-old james holmes yesterday as he made his first appearance before a judge in arapahoe county. he was advised of his rights and told there would be no bond. he sat away from the people in the courtroom including most of his defense team. he didn't say a word the entire time. next up for the man suspected of killing 12 people and injuring dozens more, the filing of formal charges is scheduled to ham on monday, july 30th. district attorney not who has the reputation of being a tough prosecutor saying the death penalty is an option here. that decision could take months and finally, the mother of james holmes says she was misquoted. you may remember when this story was breaking there was news that his mother said when she heard of the shooting, you have t
's attack on a u.s. base in afghanistan that left two americans dead. >> allah! allah! >> is that real audio from them when they let that off? the hour long video shows the entire attack from the beginning stages to the dramatic moment that you saw when a 10 ton bomb explodes. here it is, in the background, you can hear chants of allah akbar and in the video, an eerie interview with the homicide bomber who says he'll take revenge on anyone who insults islam and the quran. >> same thing major hasan said before the fort hood attack. outpouring of love and support in iowa as hundreds pray for the safe return of two missing cousins. they held a vigil late last night. the f.b.i. now looking to question a boater who may have been the last person to see them. they think the person who is not considered a suspect could help them figure out what happened to elizabeth collins and lyric cook morrisey. lyric's mother says she's taken her second polygraph test to prove she had nothing to do with her daughter and lisa's disappearance. talk about awkward, the man who warned the white house about its
carolina. and the heat wave scorching many parts of the u.s. and also taking a major toll on the crops. a new report finds 56% of the continental u.s. is in a drought. there's no relief in sight with hot temperatures expected to keep up according to forecasters, there has been 3,000 heat records broken across the country. a judge setting george zimmerman's bail at $1 million. that same judge also blasting him for "manipulating the courts" even accusing him of hiding the second passport and trying to flee the country the first time he was free on bail. right now, zimmerman's attorney says there's enough money in his defense fund to post the required 10% of the bail and he fears that a bail bond company will not cough up the remaining 90% that's usually done. zimmerman charged with killing 17-year-old trayvon martin, something he says he did in self-defense. scott peterson trying to overturn his death sentence in a brand new appeal to california supreme court. he's once again claiming he didn't murder his wife laci and their unborn son in 2002. he also says he didn't get a fair trial bec
. three times the length of michael jordan. >> have a great show. thanks for getting up with us. ainsley, have a great day. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning, everyone. today is monday, already july 2nd. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for spending part of your day with us. they're calling it a land hurricane and more severe storms expected to strike again as thousands suffer under oppressive heat. no electricity. nightmare combination. we're live across the country with the very latest. >> and the bombshell report from behind closed doors with the supreme court chief justice roberts changed his vote on health care. what swayed him and the internal fight that's followed? brian? >> the supreme court says obamacare is a tax but democrats seem to be in denial. >> it's not it's a tax, it's a penalty for free riders. >> actually it's a tax. wait until you hear who gets hit the hardest. it's not the rich. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning, everyone. hope you had a fantastic weekend. we have eric sitting in today for steve. welcome. >> thank you. good t
's head to gretchen carlson here to help us figure out -- >> i didn't realize i was on camera. >> i was too busy trying to figure out how brian stole my pen when i wasn't here yesterday. >> someone dressed exactly like heather. >> what's the word? >> lifeguard. >> lifeguard. >> gretchen always gets it. good job. >> have a great weekend. the show is again next week at 5:00, of course. have a great weekend, heather. >> you, too. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> hand me that purple pen for a minute. how can this happen, folks? two purple pens, brian has this one when i'm not even here yesterday. it's mine. >> good morning, everyone. tgif! can you believe it's friday on this weird holiday week. it's july 6th. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. back on his bus tour and painting a pretty picture, president obama says the good economy is getting back on track. >> manufacturing starting to come back here in ohio and all across the country. some of the biggest manufacturing jobs growth since the 1990's. >> the only problem is those aren't the facts. we'll take a
>> there is. dana perino will be here a little later to tell us what you missed. your ex-teammate. let's bring you up to speed with some headlines for your monday because the same al-qaida terrorist who tried to blow planes out of the sky four times since 2009 hatching another plot now to take down an american jet. according to sources, the branch in the arabian peninsula recruited a norweigian man. he's the one we told you about last week. he was trained at a camp in yemen. the training specifically targeted an american plane between now and the start of the olympics in london a few weeks away in late july. an american intern working for the associated press in mexico city found dead. his body was discovered in the elevator shaft of an apartment building near where he was staying. it's not known how he died or why he was at that building. the 22-year-old aspiring journalist graduated from grinnell college in iowa just last month. a pilot killed in a helicopter crash in arizona, the c.e.o. of the areba restaurant chain. he was flying to scottsdale when the chopper crashed
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